Bill Hader Stars in Pringles First Super Bowl Commercial

Duck bill is out, stacking is in

This year on February 4, Pringles will debut its first ever televised Super Bowl ad. The 30-second spot features actor and comedian Bill Hader, who takes part in a whole new snacking experience — or should we say stacking experience?

The Superbad actor goes against the traditional way of eating Pringles — in the duck bill position — by actually stacking different flavors on top of one another. This method allows for 267,720 different combinations that transform single-flavor chips into conglomerate creations.

In a teaser for Pringles’ game day ad, Hader pokes fun at himself and his recent silver screen productions — in many of which he worked as a voiceover actor.   

“More people will see me in this [ad] than they have in the last three movies I’ve made,” he laughed. “If I had to make an Oklahoma Pringles stack, I mean, they love catfish there, so a catfish stack. That would be tasty.”

Courtesy of Pringles

Documentary Now! director Rhys Thomas also stars in and directed the commercial. The two first met on the set of Saturday Night Live.

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