family picnic

The Best Place to Picnic in Every State

Picnic in one of these perfect spots before summer is over!
family picnic

The Daily Meal has compiled a list of the best places to picnic in every state using internet reviews and word-of-mouth accounts. 

The best way to celebrate summer is by having a picnic. The act of eating outside drenched in sunlight, surrounded by grass, birds, bees, and tall trees, is a way to say, thank you to yourself for surviving those cold winter months spent inside eating hot food. Finally, in the summer sun you can dice up some fruit and veggies, pack a cooler full of icy beverages and treats, and relax outside on a lawn chair or blanket while soaking up that sweet, sweet vitamin D with your family or friends.

The Best Place to Picnic in Every State Gallery

While you can picnic most anywhere, you should definitely picnic someplace scenic if you want to have the most memorable summertime meal. By scouring tons of park reviews and polling friends and colleagues through word of mouth, we have compiled a list of the best place to picnic in every state.

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Some are in mountains, some are by lakes, and some are smack dab in the middle of cities. Whether you’re trekking miles to get there with a fancy picnic basket or just walking a few blocks down the street with a sack lunch in hand, you won’t go wrong having an outdoor meal this summer at any of the best places to picnic in every state.