10) Nanay Gloria's Buffet, Las Vegas from Are These America’s Worst Restaurants? (Slideshow)

Are These America’s Worst Restaurants? (Slideshow)

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10) Nanay Gloria's Buffet, Las Vegas

When you walk into this Filipino buffet in Vegas, don’t expect to be greeted. Just grab a plate, load it up, and have a seat. But don’t plan on eating much. "A variety of the dishes I picked out were really cold, and have been sitting out for a while. The dishes also started to taste the same as well… My heart was really torn. I really wanted to cry," wrote one Yelp reviewer. "The beef mechado was hard, the pancit looked like it has been sitting under the sun and the look on it was soggy and to top it off, didn’t have much flavor to it. The beef steak was dry and meat was a bit hard, the melon drink had no kind of flavor," wrote another. Aside from providing a poor impression of Filipino cuisine to guests, it’s most likely also provided a few with food poisoning. The restaurant was featured in KNTV’s "Dirty Dining" twice, most recently after the owner tried to hide their "C" grade, for "chicken being improperly thawed in the prep sink, raw beef stored over cooked beef, and under-cooked eggs being served without a warning to customers," among other offenses.