Pasadena's Latest Alexander’s Steakhouse Puts A Japanese Spin On The Traditional Steakhouse

The latest Pasadena outpost offers the largest selection of Wagyu steak in the city

With steaks such as the 8oz Aurora Filet, Alexander’s Steakhouse in Pasadena delivers quality steaks with flavors influenced by Japanese cuisine.

Alexander’s is part of a small chain of restaurants that include other steakhouse locations in Cupertino, San Francisco and Taipei. Chef Matt Bata’s menu offers dishes that are uniquely influenced by Japanese cuisine. With its a modern and elegant setting, this Pasadena outpost houses a large space with a big bar, three inside dining rooms and a patio area.

Diners have a lot to choose from including an a la carte menu, an eight course-tasting menu ($175) and a Chef’s Table custom designed menu ($200).

Meals start off with a lovely choice of breads including Japanese squid ink baguettes, sweet milk bread and Manchego cheese rolls. In addition, an assortment of honey butter, salted organic butter and rendered beef fat are served with the bread.

Small appetizers include edamame with truffle butter, shishito peppers, uni with tamago and egg salad, oysters, Hamachi shots, dry aged tataki and a variety of salads.

Larger appetizer courses include beef tartare, foie gras, a large charcuterie plate, grilled pork belly and octopus.

For diners not in the mood for steak, Alexander’s offers a “Not Steak” section on the menu with dishes such as black cod, king crab, beef cheeks, short ribs and duck breast.

There is a huge variety of steaks here. The list includes seven Wagyu choices (ranging from $45 to $325), filet mignon, ribeye and bone-in New York steak.

Sides to accompany the main course are creamed taro leaves, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with negi butter, blue lake beans, Brussels sprouts and fried rice.

Pastry Chef Gail Ramulo serves up unique dessert choices including a creamsicle cheesecake, cookies and cream soufflé, match mint and jasmine rise sorbet and a strawberry fields cremeux. As if dessert wasn’t enough, diners also receive a nice selection of fudge and salted caramel bonbons and a bag of brown butter cinnamon sugar popcorn to take home.

With its range of innovative dishes and wide variety of Wagyu choices, Alexander’s Steakhouse is sure to impress diners, whether steak lovers or not.


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