9 Great Thai Restaurants in Los Angeles

Colman Andrews' picks for great Thai food in LA

Crispy Catfish Salad at Jitlada


5233 1/2 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, (323) 667-9809


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy catfish salad; mango salad with shrimp and cashews; shredded beef curry.

Pork and Pork Skin Salad at Khun Dom

Khun Dom

4681 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, (323) 663-1086


Must-Try Dishes: Pork and pork skin salad, squid with chile and mint.

Pad Thai at Krua Thai

Krua Thai

13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, (818)759-7998


Must-Try Dishes: Fried fish cake; special spicy pad thai.

The Kitchen at Lum-Ka-Naad


8920 Reseda Boulevard, Northridge, (818)882-3028


Must-Try Dishes: Thai-Burmese pork curry; whole grilled squid in spicy seafood sauce.

Renu Nakorn

Yelp/Mike L.

Renu Nakorn

13019 East Rosecrans Avenue, Norwalk, (562)921-2124


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy rice salad, grilled northern Thai sausage, raw shrimp in spicy fish sauce.

Spicy BBQ Restaurant's Spicy Jackfruit Salad

Spicy BBQ Restaurant

5101 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323)663-4211


Must-Try Dishes: Spicy jackfruit salad with ground pork; ground pork chili paste with sticky rice; vegetable curry.


Yelp/Dave Hong


9043 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310)275-9724


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy squid salad, filet mignon satay, “super wild shrimp.”

Thai Nakorn

Thai Nakorn

11951 Beach Boulevard, Stanton, (714)799-2031


Must-Try Dishes: Steamed catfish cakes with coconut milk, wild boar with chiles, barbecued tongue.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

8225 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, North Hollywood, (818)997-9657


Not a restaurant, but a Buddhist temple serving homemade Thai food buffet-style on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Must-Try Dishes: Chicken larb, curried fish and vegetables.