9 Great Thai Restaurants in Los Angeles

Colman Andrews' picks for great Thai food in LA

Crispy Catfish Salad at Jitlada



5233 1/2 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, (323) 667-9809


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy catfish salad; mango salad with shrimp and cashews; shredded beef curry.

Pork and Pork Skin Salad at Khun Dom


Khun Dom

4681 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, (323) 663-1086


Must-Try Dishes: Pork and pork skin salad, squid with chile and mint.

Pad Thai at Krua Thai


Krua Thai

13130 Sherman Way, North Hollywood, (818)759-7998


Must-Try Dishes: Fried fish cake; special spicy pad thai.

The Kitchen at Lum-Ka-Naad



8920 Reseda Boulevard, Northridge, (818)882-3028


Must-Try Dishes: Thai-Burmese pork curry; whole grilled squid in spicy seafood sauce.

Renu Nakorn

Yelp/Mike L.

Renu Nakorn

13019 East Rosecrans Avenue, Norwalk, (562)921-2124


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy rice salad, grilled northern Thai sausage, raw shrimp in spicy fish sauce.

Spicy BBQ Restaurant's Spicy Jackfruit Salad

Food GPS/Joshua Lurie

Spicy BBQ Restaurant

5101 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, (323)663-4211


Must-Try Dishes: Spicy jackfruit salad with ground pork; ground pork chili paste with sticky rice; vegetable curry.


Yelp/Dave Hong


9043 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, (310)275-9724


Must-Try Dishes: Crispy squid salad, filet mignon satay, “super wild shrimp.”

Thai Nakorn

Kevin Eats

Thai Nakorn

11951 Beach Boulevard, Stanton, (714)799-2031


Must-Try Dishes: Steamed catfish cakes with coconut milk, wild boar with chiles, barbecued tongue.

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

Wat Thai of Los Angeles

8225 Coldwater Canyon Avenue, North Hollywood, (818)997-9657


Not a restaurant, but a Buddhist temple serving homemade Thai food buffet-style on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Must-Try Dishes: Chicken larb, curried fish and vegetables.

Colman Andrews' picks for great Thai food in LA