6 Things You Didn’t Know About Pinkberry

Who wants fro-yo?
Wikimedia Commons

The original Pinkberry was located in West Hollywood. 

Even though the fro-yo craze is (mercifully) beginning to die down, Pinkberry is still one of the most popular frozen yogurt chains in America, with more than 100 locations, mostly in New York and California. The first location opened in 2005, and today the chain, founded by Shelly Hwang and Young Lee, still has quite a cult following. But there are some facts that even the biggest fans of the chain probably don’t know. Here are six of them:

Each Store is Killing It

It’s estimated that on average, high-performing Pinkberry locations pull in more than 1,500 customers daily and can bring in one million dollars in just four months.

It Was Sued for Not Selling “Real” Yogurt

When the chain first started out, its product didn’t meet California’s criteria for calling itself real yogurt, with only 69,000 bacterial cultures per gram (as opposed to 200,000 in Baskin-Robbins’ fro-yo). A lawsuit was filed, the formula was changed, and three years later, in 2008, they received their Live and Active Cultures Seal from the National Yogurt Association. 

Servers Must Use Two Hands

The next time you visit Pinkberry, pay attention when you’re handed your fro-yo by the server; they’ll always use two hands. You’ll also be greeted with “Welcome to Pinkberry!” every time.

If You Don’t Like it, Get Something Else

If you’re not a fan of what you ordered, just let the server know and they’ll let you swap it out.

Peanut Butter Has the Most Calories

Out of all the flavors, peanut butter has the most calories, with 170 per ½ cup serving. Chocolate Hazelnut is in second place, with 150. Green Tea and Pineapple are on the low end, with just 90 calories per serving.

Most Offerings are Fat Free


The majority of Pinkberry’s fro-yo offerings are fat-free, especially the fruit-flavored ones. But along with the highest calorie count, peanut butter also has the highest fat count, with 7 grams per serving.