The 6 Most Elaborate Ice Luges We’ve Ever Seen

Ice luges provide a chilly centerpiece that spice up any party

Ice luges chill your drink and are certainly unique.

With summer in full swing, everyone’s looking for ways to stay cool and throw some killer parties. Look no farther than an ice luge: A work of ice art that’s as impressive as it is fun. Check out the six most elaborate ice luges we’ve ever seen.

The 6 Most Elaborate Ice Luges We’ve Ever Seen (Slideshow)

If you’re not familiar with what an ice luge is, it’s a large ice sculpture into which a narrow channel is carved. Typically, liquor is poured into the channel and dispensed into either a glass or directly into an open mouth at the end of the channel.

Because ice luges are, well, made of ice, drinks poured into them instantly become cold making the devices extremely useful at ice bars. Champagne and beer can also be served with an ice luge, or really any drink you want to drink chilled. 

Ice luges can be homemade, and companies like Elegant Ice Creations even offer DIY kits. They can also be purchased from professionals such as Ice Sculpture Prostarting around $250. Sadly, because they’re ice, you only have so much time with them, so make sure to get as much out of your ice luge as you can while it's still around! Make sure to enjoy your ice luge responsibly, and check out the six most elaborate ice luges we’ve ever seen. 

People are always interested in finding fun and new ways to make their party stand out, and an ice luge certainly accomplishes this. They tend to be impressively sized and extravagant, and colored lights usually complete the package.


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