5 Things You Should Know About the New Frenchie Covent Garden in London

The lowdown on the cult classic Paris import that’s already taken London’s food scene by storm
Frenchie London


The new restaurant is already a certified hotspot.

This is the first outpost of the Parisian cult-classic, Frenchie.

The original 20-seater Frenchie in the Sentier neighborhood of Paris has turned gourmand heads since 2009 and is still one of the toughest bookings in the French capital. This year, Chef Marchand expanded his global-flavored bistronomy brand beyond Paris to London’s buzzing Covent Garden area. Though the new Henrietta Street venue has more than thrice the seating of the Parisian original, it isn’t at all plausible to believe the new location will too be everlastingly booked. 

The décor is a visual feast.

Emilie Bonaventure, responsible for the Parisian Frenchie’s design, keeps the larger, 68-seat space intimate and impeccably outfitted with restrained modern glamour…think retro copper and brass accents, whitewashed walls, and exposed brickwork. The first-level bar with plush gray stools, marbled tabletop, and art deco-inspired lighting might be the coolest spot to drink and/or eat in the venue. Diners downstairs enjoy front-row sights of the chefs at work in their open kitchen.

Chef Marchand has more British ties than one might think.

Frenchman Marchand is far from out of touch on British dining culture.

Marchand has lived in London for years to refine his chef skills at the Savoy Grill, Electric Diner, and Mandarin Oriental. And, alas, it is famous British chef Jamie Oliver that’s indirectly responsible for the restaurant name; while working for Jamie at his Fifteen restaurant in London (he became head chef at one point), he endearingly nicknamed him “Frenchie,” and a star was born.  

Don’t miss the bacon scones or the heritage carrots.

Though a mere starter item (labeled as “bites”), the bacon scones might be one of the tastiest things you’ll eat this year. The small but moreish pair of salty and sweet scones are served warm and accompanied with clotted cream; they are a bonafide hit for a reason. For a meatless main, ordering the roasted heritage carrots- a colorful assortment with a sweet carrot puree, barley, sweet Medjool date and a curry-like vodouvan spice- makes a fabulous gourmet treat.  

Book right now; it’s one of the most anticipated restaurant debuts of 2016.

The Frenchie brand’s reputation has definitely preceded itself before its London arrival, and will most likely remain a popular haven for those that can’t schlep to Paris (or book an ever-so-elusive seat). If not pressed for a dinner sitting, take advantage of the lunch menu to beat the crowds and enjoy a more affordable set menu.   

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