5 Foods That DON’T Go with Bacon

Believe it or not, some foods don’t actually pair with bacon
Wikimedia Commons

Grapefruit and bacon are not a match made in heaven. 

Bacon is everywhere these days. Within the past decade or so, it went from being a simple breakfast meat to showing up all over the place: blended into ice cream, wrapped around hot dogs, and deep-fried on a stick at state fairs. Nowadays, it seems like just about any food imaginable can be paired with (and enhanced by) smoked and cured pork belly, but, believe it not, bacon doesn’t, in fact, go with everything. Here are five foods that you probably shouldn’t pair with bacon.

Crumble some bacon into your next bowl of Froot Loops and let us know how it goes, especially once it all becomes soggy.

We’ve never paired bacon with grapes, but something tells us that the combination wouldn’t work very well.

Citrus Fruits
Bacon-wrapped grapefruit segments don’t sound incredibly appetizing.

Bacon combined with the creaminess of ice cream works, but try to mix bacon into peach sorbet, for example, and it’ll just taste like cold chunks of fatty meat mixed into peach sorbet.

Black Licorice
You never see bacon together with anything licorice-flavored, and that’s most likely for a very good reason.