5 Best Things to Dip Oreo Churros Into

Yes, Oreo Churros are coming

Yes, please. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Oreos, and same goes for churros, that wonderful Spanish fried dough treat that’s usually rolled in cinnamon sugar. So the fact that a hybrid of the two — Oreo Churros — is making its way to supermarket shelves is certainly worth getting excited about. While you can definitely eat these plain, why not give them a dunk? Here are five things we think would pair perfectly with these divine treats.


The obvious choice for Oreo dipping, a glass of milk is also perfect for dipping a long churro into.


Dip a churro in your coffee and make it a mocha.

Ice Cream

Serve us a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a couple of these sticking out of it and we’ll be quite happy, thank you very much.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is the typical Spanish accompaniment to churros, so why not stick with tradition? Plus, it’ll make it a double-chocolate churro.

Egg Nog

With the holidays around the corner, everyone’s bound to encounter some egg nog. There’s definitely nothing wrong with kicking it up a notch with some Oreo Churros!