11 Restaurants and Bars that Let You Pay with Bitcoins (Slideshow)

Only carrying virtual currency? No problem!

The Pink Cow, Tokyo

This “California casual” restaurant was the first in all of Japan to accept bitcoins. 

BurgerBear, London

This cult-favorite burger joint serves some of London’s best burgers. They’re also one of the only restaurants in the city that accepts bitcoin. 

Peruvian Brothers Food Truck, Washington, D.C.

The owners of this food truck are friends with the Winklevoss brothers, bitcoin investors who you might remember from The Social Network. They convinced the owners to let customers pay via an app called BitPay, becoming the first food truck in the D.C. area to do so. 

The Standard, Ottawa, Canada

Ottawa’s first bitcoin-friendly restaurant began accepting the virtual currency as payment back in January. 

Lean Crust Pizza, Brooklyn

This pizzeria will gladly accept bitcoins as payment; they introduced the service in September 2013.

The Old Fitzroy, Sydney, Australia

A humble hotel pub became the first in Australia to accept bitcoin in 2013. 

EVR, New York, NY

This Midtown Manhattan bar became the first in Manhattan to accept bitcoins when it rolled out the payment system in April 2013. Customers can tell their bartender that they want to pay with bitcoin, then they can pay through the BitPay app, which converts dollar amounts into bitcoins. 

House and Hunger Food Truck, Minneapolis

This unassuming Twin Cities food truck serves some killer burgers and sandwiches, and was the first in the area to accept bitcoin.

Old Man Hustle, New York, NY

At this funky bar and standup comedy joint on New York’s Lower East Side, you’re more than welcome to pay for your beers in bitcoins. 

The Pembury Tavern, East London

In June 2013, this homey tavern became the first pub in England to accept bitcoin. As opposed to using an app, the pub’s owner, a former computer scientist, created a payment system that lets customers pay via a QR code. 

Subway, Allentown, Pa.

One enterprising Subway franchise owner made national news last November when he began accepting bitcoins at the Allentown, Pa. location that he owns. Since then, it’s become somewhat of a tourist attraction.