Restaurant Bathroom

10 Things We Bet You Never Realized About Restaurant Bathrooms

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by visiting the restroom
Restaurant Bathroom

A clean restroom (usually) means a clean kitchen. 

When we’re at a restaurant, we tend not to give too much thought to the restroom. Even if they’re stunning, we go in, we do our business, we wash our hands (hopefully), and we get out. But if you stop and think about it, the restroom is just as important a space as any other part of a restaurant, and we bet that there’s a lot you didn’t realize about them.

10 Things We Bet You Never Realized About Restaurant Bathrooms (Slideshow)

Restrooms are a necessary part of every restaurant, for obvious reasons. Customers and employees need a place to wash their hands and do their business, and if you ever come across a full-service restaurant that doesn’t have one, head for the hills (unless you’re in, say, a hotel, where the restrooms might be in the lobby). Some restrooms are for one, some can accommodate four or five people, some have attendants, some are unisex. But lots of restaurant owners don’t give their restrooms a second thought, which is a shame.

The state of a restaurant’s restroom can tell you a lot about the state of the restaurant itself. Professionals divide restaurants into “zones” that guests experience, and each zone should receive as much attention from owners as every other, and should be an equally pleasant experience: the entryway, the bar, the dining room, etc. If the restroom doesn’t receive too much attention, that’s a fundamental flaw that goes all the way to the top.


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