10 Things You Didn't Know About Buffalo Wild Wings (Slideshow)

The idea for Buffalo Wild Wings was born when Disbrow, a renowned figure skater who was living in Buffalo at the time, came to Kent, Ohio to judge an amateur figure skating competition. He set out with his good friend Lowery to get some wings like he was used to in Buffalo, but they couldn't find any.

It was Founded in Columbus, OH, not Buffalo

The first location opened on the campus of The Ohio State University one year after the idea was hatched, and was an immediate hit. 

It was Originally Called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck

What's a weck? That would be a beef on weck, a jus-dipped roast beef sandwich on a salt-and-caraway-topped kimmelweck roll, another popular Buffalo bar food. 

Its Original Nickname was BW-3

While the chain's current moniker, B-Dubs, is a nickname that's so self-consciously hip it's almost a parody of itself, it's nothing new for the company. In fact, it gave itself a nickname right when it opened, BW-3, which had to be changed once the "and Weck" was scrapped. 

It’s Been Boycotted Because They Ban Guns

Many locations have posted "no guns allowed" signs, which made some gun owners so angry that they boycotted the restaurant last year. "We regret any inconvenience this may cause but believe that this long-standing position is in the best interest of our Guests and our Team Members," a company rep told KDKA.  

There’s an App

Yes, there's a Buffalo Wild Wings app. Called B-Dubs, it's primarily used to find nearby locations, but also has a "Fan Up" feature that lets you select your favorite menu items and track them on your location's leaderboard.  

The Earliest Menus Featured Pizza

Some of the items that were on the earliest menus, like wings and Buffalo Chips, are still around today. The beef on weck has gone by the wayside (unfortunately; those things are delicious), as have "pocket pizzas," which have been replaced by newfangled "flatbreads." 

The TVs Originally Aired Music Videos

TVs were always a mainstay, but they were originally tuned to music videos. One day a customer asked them to turn on the Ohio State Game, and the sports concept stuck. 

They Sell More Than a Billion Wings Every Year

They broke the billion traditional and boneless wings mark in 2011, and it's only increased since then. That's a lot of chickens!

7.7 Million Wings were Sold on Super Bowl Sunday 2012

People love to eat wings on Super Bowl Sunday, and heading to Buffalo Wild Wings for some on that day is a no-brainer.