10) Sounds Tasty from The 10 Funniest Food Jokes (Slideshow)

The 10 Funniest Food Jokes (Slideshow)

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10) Sounds Tasty

Q: What do Belgians cry?
A: Little chocolatiers.

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9) Oof.

Q: Why do they only eat one egg for breakfast in France?
A: Because in France, one egg is an oeuf.

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8) Movie Theater Candy

The price of candy at the movie theater is ridiculous.
I know, they're always raisinet!

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7) Watermelon Weddings

Q: Why do watermelons have fancy weddings?
A: Because they cantaloupe.

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6) Good to Know

Q: Where do one-legged people eat?
Q: Who serves them?
A: Ilene.

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5) Makes Sense

Two cannibals were eating a clown.
One turned to the other and said “This tastes funny!”

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4) The Final Frontier

Did you hear about the new restaurant in outer space?
The food is great but there’s no atmosphere.

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3) A Salt & Battery

Q: Why did the chef get arrested for assault?
A: He got caught beating an egg!

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2) Better Be Careful

Two peanuts walk into a bar.
One was a salted.

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1) Duh..

Q: What do you call someone else’s cheese?
A: Nacho cheese.

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