Nice Place for Breakfast from 10 Crazy Hotel Concierge Food Requests (Slideshow)

10 Crazy Hotel Concierge Food Requests (Slideshow)

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Nice Place for Breakfast

GUEST: We want breakfast at Donkey Donald’s.

CONCIERGE: Donkey Donald’s?

GUEST: Ehhhhhh, yes. Franchise?

CONCIERGE: Donkey Donald’s?

GUEST: Good breakfast.

(CONCIERGE Googles “Donkey Donald’s Franchise” and finds nothing)

CONCIERGE: I’m not familiar with it. Do you mean McDonald’s?

GUEST: HAHAHA! (In French to his family) He thinks we want McDonald’s!


GUEST: No. Nice place for breakfast with Donalds.

CONCIERGE: Can you write the name for me?

(Guest writes out “Dunkin Donuts.”)

CONCIERGE: Oh. Two blocks south.

GUEST: Popular place?

CONCIERGE: America runs on it.

GUEST: (impressed) Oh! Thank you!