10 Chef Blogs You Really Should Be Reading

10 Chef Blogs You Really Should be Reading

You might be surprised by how many great chefs and food personalities have blogs that you should be reading.

John Besh

This top New Orleans chef keeps this professional-looking blog updated with the help of a fleet of regular contributors. They post a whole lot of recipes for everything from barbecue beef brisket to Champagne cocktails, and articles range from tips on assembling a cheese board to the magic of Creole tomatoes

Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Burdain's Tumblr is mostly used as a travelogue, a companion to his CNN show Parts Unknown. But it's also a fantastic way to go behind the scenes and directly into his head, as he shares ruminations on topics including Iranian hospitality and why the Bronx reminds him of LA. Don't forget that Bourdain first rose to fame as a writer, and his talent is on full display here. 

Alton Brown

Alton Brown is one of the smartest and most entertaining folks on the food scene today, and on his blog he shares recipes, notes on what he's eating on the road during his Edible Inevitable Tour, and other flights of fancies that cross his mind. He keeps it updated at a fast clip, so be sure to check in often. 

Michael Chiarello

This Napa Valley chef updates his personal blog every couple months on average, but his posts are rich and fascinating. He discusses the process of making verjus, published a lengthy 2014 in Review, and spends a lot of time focusing on one of his main passions, wine. 

Tom Douglas

On Seattle chef Tom Douglas' blog, which he's named "Family Meal," he shares his thoughts on the industry, offers cooking tips, other makes observations, and members of his staff write regular posts as well. Article topics range from everything from harvesting nutmeg to recapping a visit by master salami-maker (and father to Mario) Armandino Batali. 

Eddie Huang

Eddie Huang has one of the most original and entertaining voices in the culinary community, and he jots down his thoughts on just about everything on his blog. Even though he doesn't update it too often any more (his book Fresh off the Boat has driven his fame to new heights), it still makes for a great read: he discusses everything from his opinion on Supreme Court decisions to HBO's Girls, with a whole lot of humor thrown in. 

Stephanie Izard

Girl & the Goat's Stephanie Izard maintains a fun little blog that's mostly dedicated to recapping her culinary exploits, like hosting a Super Bowl cooking demo at Macy's, hosting a Top Chef Duels party, and visiting a local farm

Michael Ruhlman

Michael Ruhlman is one of the elder statesmen of food blogging, and he still keeps his blog regularly updated. His blog is comprehensive and truly a joy to read. Part travelogue, part cocktail guide, part sounding board, his blog isn't just a good read, it's educational and fascinating. 

Marc Vetri

Chef Marc Vetri has a lot of wise opinions, and he voices them all with the skill of a professional writer on his Huffington Post blog. Here he discusses a wide range of issues all related to restaurants and cooking, from gluten intolerance to his advice to young chefs. He doesn't post too often, but when he does it's always a worthwhile read. 

Andrew Zimmern

It's a wonder how Andrew Zimmern is able to find time to post regularly to his blog with such a full schedule of filming and appearances, but he does, and it's a good read. Topics include his favorite Minnesota winter festivals, how to carve a turkey, where to eat in Mexico City, and interviews with people he likes. His articles really run the gamut, and along with being one of the most fascinating people on television these days, he's also a terrific writer.