Easy Updates to the Mimosa

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Shake up your brunch routine with 2 easy mimosa recipes

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Sure, at Bottlenotes we’ve experienced many outstanding food and wine pairings, whether it be a perfect glass of cabernet with a grilled steak, sharing a great bottle of chianti with friends over a pizza, or during a multi-course meal with a wine specially selected for each course. But when it comes to brunch, we usually stick to mimosas. And while we cling fiercely to our Sunday tradition, we’re not afraid to mix it up a bit. So here are two fresh takes on a mimosa that we look forward to adding to our brunch repertoire and hope you will, too.

If you’re looking for a simple twist on the classic mimosa, try this Grapefruit and Ginger Sparkler. Replace your OJ with grapefruit juice and add ginger liqueur. Top with your favorite prosecco and you’re ready for those waffles to arrive. It could even work with eggs Benedict with a citrus-tinged hollandaise. The ginger flavor would be a nice contrast to the salty ham, and the tart grapefruit juice and lively prosecco can cut through the richness of the eggs and sauce.

And, while perusing the Gourmet Pigs blog, we stumbled across a Spanish style mimosa made with Pedro Ximenez sherry, apple juice, and rosé wine, topped with sparkling wine. With sherry’s increasing popularity, it’s great to see it integrated into cocktails. The next time we’re in North Hollywood, we are definitely sampling one at the Bow & Truss restaurant where this cocktail is a specialty.

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