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Easy, No-Bake Chocolate Matzo Cake Recipe


Sliced cake

This fun and easy no-bake “cake” was invented because of the Passover restriction on leavening agents, which makes baking tough. It only has 3 ingredients, and it takes about 10 minutes to prepare. It requires no baking because it sets in the refrigerator.

I know the kosher wine sounds like a bizarre ingredient, but combined with the matzo and chocolate, the wine flavor is very mellow. The alcohol content in the sweet kosher wine is very low; to make it more kid-friendly, you can substitute kosher grape juice. The texture of the finished product is somewhere between a candy bar and a chocolate truffle cake. Use pareve bittersweet chocolate if you want to keep this recipe dairy free.

Kids can easily help with this chocolate cake recipe. Once the melted chocolate has cooled slightly, there is nothing hot to burn little fingers.

A word of warning: Melted chocolate likes to get on fingers, clothes, the tabletop, etc. Prepare to get a little bit messy! I like to line my table with parchment paper or newspaper before starting to keep things neat.


  • 7 chocolate bars (3 ounces each, dairy or pareve)
  • 1 small bottle sweet kosher wine or grape juice
  • 7 matzo squares


In a double boiler or the microwave, melt the chocolate bars till smooth.

Pour sweet wine or grape juice into a shallow baking dish or pan. Soak the matzos for 45-60 seconds, or until they’ve absorbed some of the wine or juice. Don’t let them soak too long, or they’ll get mushy and fall apart! Remove matzos from liquid.

Place 1 moistened matzo in the center of a small tray or plate. Using a spatula, spread the matzo generously with melted chocolate, covering the whole surface of the matzo. Take another matzo and layer it on top, then spread it with chocolate. Repeat the process until you have seven layers of chocolate matzos. Put an extra thick spread of chocolate on the top layer.

Place the layered cake in refrigerator and let it set for about an hour, or until the chocolate has hardened. After the chocolate has set, store the cake at room temperature. Use a sharp knife to cut and serve.

Feel free to dress up the cake however you’d like. Some people add whipped cream and nuts. If you want a taller, thicker cake, feel free to add more layers. The thicker the cake, the longer it will take to set in the refrigerator.