Easy Life Boba Tea: The Best Tea In Las Vegas

The Best Tea In Las Vegas

Boba Tea can now be found in sin city.

For those unfamiliar, boba tea is a Taiwanese drink made from milk tea and many times contains chewy tapioca balls. An acquired taste, this is a favorite of many in the hot desert of Nevada.

Easy Life Boba Tea is the premiere supplier of this delicious tea in sin city. In the intimate shop there are several tables and chairs to enjoy your boba and a huge bar and display to purchase it. The décor is modern and very bright, including mostly white.

The shop sells dozens of flavors of boba from everything from chocolate to strawberry to coffee and everything in between. In addition to boba, the shop also sells hot tea, iced tea, slushes and other coffee shop beverages. They also feature an impressive snack menu including popcorn chicken and lobster balls, which yelp users have said are to die for.