Easter Ham: Where To Order It Online

Easter dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the year for many, brimming with fresh spring vegetables, hot cross buns, and for many, an Easter ham. The first choice for many is to head to the supermarket and buy the nicest-looking water-added mass-produced variety, but there are some truly spectacular hams out there that are available by mail-order, able to be shipped right to your door. Here are five of our favorites:

Olympia Provisions
We're big fans of Portland-based Olympia Provisions, and their Sweetheart Ham is out of this world. Made from pork sirloin tip, these two-and-a-half to three pound hams are brined for 10 days with juniper berries, fresh herbs, garlic, and onions, then smoked over applewood for 10 hours. $60 will get you one ham, with free two-day air shipping.

Snake River Farms
This moist, smoky, and flavorful ham is made from Kurobuta pigs, one of the world's most coveted breeds. These hams are hormone-free and spend about 10 percent than longer reaching maturity than commercial pork, resulting in a darker, firmer ham. "Mini-hams" (which can still feed up to 4) are available for $49, and whole bone-in hams cost $179.

If you've ever tried their bacon, you'll know that the folks at Nueske's know how to smoke their pork and their old-fashioned boneless ham doesn't disappoint. Skinless, shankless, and fully-cooked, these no-water-added hams are slow-smoked over applewood, and cost $59 for a half and $119 for a whole. Bone-in hams are also available, starting at $119, and mini-hams cost $49.

D'Artagnan is renowned for everything from their game birds to foie gras. Their hams, available boneless or bone-in, are smoked over applewood and seasoned simply with salt and brown sugar. Bone-in hams average 17-21 pounds and cost $127.99 ($159.99 after April 2), and boneless hams are available in small (one-and-a-half to three pound, $23.99, $29.99 after April 2) and large (five to seven pounds, $59.99, $74.99 after April 2) sizes.

Based in Surry, Va., Edwards is renowned for their hams, especially their Surryano, which is cured and is similar in variety to prosciutto or Serrano. Their traditional hams are fantastic as well, and come in several varieties: petite, cooked or uncooked, bone-in or boneless, even pre-sliced. Country hams are aged for four to six months and are full of hickory flavor, and city hams are smoky and perfect for Easter — you can even order one of each in a special package.