The Easter Bunny’s Guide to Candy Personalities

A primer for the Easter Bunny on the art of pairing candy and personalities

Assorted Jelly Belly Flavors

Easter is just days away, which means there’s not much time left for the Easter Bunny to prep candy-filled eggs and strategize for egg-hunts. And with so many children anxiously awaiting their holiday sugar-high, it’s important to make sure that each kid is getting the right candy to fit their unique virtues and personality. That’s when this guide comes in handy —so listen up Easter Bunny, The Daily Meal is here for you.

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When it comes to a treat as mood-altering and addictive as candy, it’s imperative to know what kind of personality you’re dealing with before you offer up the goods. You don’t want to make the classic mistake of filling eggs with sour jelly beans for a boy who’s shy and anxious —that’s a recipe for disaster. However, an adventurous girl who loves to explore her surroundings is likely to jump for joy upon receiving an egg-full of pucker-inducing treats.

That said, determining the best candy for a child’s personality is not an exact science; it takes a keen sense of intuition and a tendency toward whimsical thinking. However, there are a few basic tenants that are sure to make the job easier — pair sweet, innocent young ones with mild-flavored, sugar-coated confections, like gum drops or peach rings; and pair thrill-seeking tykes with something a bit spicy or sour, like cinnamon- or lemon-flavored candies.

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