London Mosque Donates 10 Tons of Food to Homeless

Thousands of people showed up at the mosque food drive

A food drive organized by the East London Mosque in conjunction with Muslim Aid UK gathered over 22,000 of food for London's homeless. 

After Friday prayers this week, the East London Mosque held a food drive to help homeless people in London over the holidays, and organizers say the volunteers gathered more than 22,000 pounds of food.

According to The Independent, the event attracted thousands of charitable people. An estimated 7,500 people showed up to help donate and manage donations, which came from individuals as well as businesses and schools. The Muslim Aid UK charity says the food drive collected 10 tonnes, or more than 22,000 pounds of non-perishable food, including pasta, rice, cereal, and canned goods. Now that food will be distributed to homeless and hungry people in London.

“Muslims are inspired by their faith towards helping others in need. It is a religious duty for Muslims to try to help others, irrespective of a person's faith or background,” said East London Mosque Chief Imam Shaykh Abdul Qayum to The London Standard.


The food will be donated to the London homeless charity, Crisis, for distribution to people in need.