East Coast In-N-Out Jonesing, Slayed in Scottsdale


Living on the East Coast means that ever since I first tasted In-N-Out's glorious Double-Double Animal-Style, anytime I'm remotely near In-N-Out I make it my mission to get my fix. In San Francisco on vacation? In-N-Out. Vegas bachelor party? In-N-Out. Wedding in Los Angeles? In-N-Out. L.A. eating tour? In-N-Out (twice, once on the way to LAX). So it was that while out in Arizona for the Scottsdale Culinary Festival judging an event, I found a way to continue this tradition. It's no secret the toasted bun, grilled onions, cheese-covered patty, and of course, In-N-Out's special sauce make the Double-Double one of America's best fast-food burgers. Sure, Shake Shack is better, but In-N-Out is still a destination burger. And for these reasons this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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