The Easiest and Most Delicious Tailgating Snacks Ever

Spend time relaxing on game day with these delicious recipes
The Easiest and Most Delicious Tailgating Snacks Ever

Guacamole is one of the most delicious dips out there, no matter how you choose to make it.

With football season officially underway, many of us have already mapped out when and where we’ll be watching the big game. And now that tickets have been purchased, team jerseys have been pulled from the closet, and the rest of your tailgating crew has officially RSVP’d “yes” for the big day, there’s only thing left to prepare: the food. Half of the fun of going to a football game is spending a big chunk of the afternoon just outside the stadium doors, drinking beer and eating delicious snacks with fellow football fans. Make your next tailgate easy with these satisfying, easy-to-prepare snacks.

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If you don’t have the pleasure of attending games on a regular basis, you’ll want to make the tailgate parties that you do get to attend truly special. At the same time, part of the beauty of the tailgate is that your menu doesn’t have to be over-the-top — after all, you’re eating in a parking lot. Prepare as much as you can ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to choosing what to make.

Buffalo wings are a delicious football snack, but rather than have saucy wing hands all afternoon, quickly throw together some Buffalo wing-sauced chicken wontons for the flavor you want, without the mess. Rather than picking up pounds of raw burger meat to bring to the tailgate, whip up a whole bunch of sloppy joe sliders ahead of time to toss out to your hungry tailgaters right away, instead of making them wait the 7–10 minutes on each side for their burger to be done. Your tailgate teammates will be pleasantly surprised that you decided to go a little rogue with the menu, and you’ll spend less time prepping food (and more time rooting for your team)!

Read on for easy tailgating snacks so delicious they’ll make the opposing team’s fans (who will be tailgating right next to you) jealous!

Bánh Mì Hot Dogs

Your standard beef hot dog can always use a little primping, so why not give it some Asian flair by turning it into a bánh mì dog? While this recipe doesn’t call for the traditional pork add-ons that a bánh mì sandwich usually has, it does have the familiar cucumber, carrot, and cilantro combo that is so reminiscent of the sandwich. If you still want to wrap your hot dog in sliced pork, nobody is going to stop you. Click here for the recipe.

Pizza Popcorn


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This easy-to-make snack has all the flavor of a pizza, without the work of having to actually make a pizza. If you really want to spice things up, make a marinara dipping sauce.
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