Earl of Sandwich in Atlantic City

Sandwich shop expands to Showboat Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey

In 1762, long after Columbus crossed the ocean blue, the sandwich was born. Believe it or not, no one had thought of putting meat between two slices of bread before John Montagu, the legendary creator of this lunchtime favorite. To commemorate his ingenious idea, sandwich shop Earl of Sandwich opened, and now it is expanding to none other than Atlantic City, N.J.

Earl of Sandwich will be located at the Showboat Atlantic City Hotel & Casino, opening as the second location for Caesars Entertainment. It currently has another location at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Earl of Sandwich specializes in affordable artisan sandwiches made from the freshest produce, breads, and meats.

The restaurant will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will offer salads, wraps, soups, coffee, and desserts alongside its array of sandwiches. Customers will have the option to dine in the restaurant or take their meal to go. Kevin Ortzman, senior vice president and general manager of Showboat is excited about Earl of Sandwich’s arrival. "Earl of Sandwich offers great food at reasonable prices," says Ortzman. "Simply stated: Earl of Sandwich makes a great sandwich."