Dylan Lauren's Candy Picks for a Sweet Summer

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The mastermind behind Dylan’s Candy Bar (who just happens to be Ralph Lauren’s daughter!) talks about the sweet stuff
Jane Bruce

Get on these candy-themed ideas!

Like fruits and vegetables (and special holiday dishes), candies come and go with each season of the year. While we may crave candy corn in fall, collect candy canes in winter, and devour a variety of peppy Peeps in spring, summer sweets, too, are around for a limited time and in a category of their own.

See Which Sweet Stuff Dylan Lauren Favors for Summer!

Whether lounging by the pool and longing for a sugary snack, looking to craft or concoct something sweet, or simply lusting after a new kind of chocolate infusion, there are options for all kinds of sunny (and rainy) summer days.

During the season of ice pops, ice cream and sports drinks, there's no lack of syrups, starches, and sucrose — but with so many choices one can become overwhelmed, or better yet, achieve a sugar-induced coma trying to taste them all.

Dylan Lauren, creator of Dylan's Candy Bar, knows sugar. And, as Ralph's daughter, she knows a thing or two about fashion, as well. The candy queen shared her picks and the brand's top-selling sweets (some edible and others that look good enough to eat!) with The Daily Meal.

Side note: Ralph's favorite candy indulgence? Buttercrunch and dark chocolate-covered almond bark.

From cupcake pillows and iPhone covers to beach towels and yoga pants, the combination of accessories, clothing, and home décor is a surefire way to make this summer the sweetest of all seasons, especially for those trying to limit sugar within their diets.

For the rest of us, an Ice Cream Cone Cupcake kit, a Popping Candy Chocolate Bar, and Dylan's Candy Bar Good-to-Gos (in pretzel, peanut butter, sandwich cookie, sea salt caramels, and s'mores varieties — yum!) are a few of the essential snacks to nosh on this summer.

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Brace yourself. A sugar rush (and perhaps a reason to utilize that gym membership) is underway….