Dueling Chefs with Cocktails to Match


While visiting Boston one February greeting-card-holiday weekend, I was urged by a friend to try Sibling Rivalry. She said that it was all kinds of fantastic and that if I didn’t like a dish one way, there was always another option.

Cue the oddity that is this South End restaurant: Two brother chefs dueling over one ingredient. Chefs Bob and David Kinkead go head-to-head, beginning with the appetizers and ending with dessert, as they give their version of a dish — very original. With a changing, seasonal menu, the ideas are constantly flowing between the competitive twosome. Some of their jump-off-the-pagers include the Moroccan lamb brick, truffled poached eggs, and to-die-for brisket.

Though that lamb brick will be forever embedded in my mind, a really great cocktail stands out as well. The Belissimma, a super-lush blend of crushed raspberries, white peach nectar, and prosecco. That and the tangerine martini made for a lovely palate cleanser.

For more of a weighty option, my boyfriend, a fan of mojitos, found solace in the Old Cuban. Muddled mint, a dash of bitters, rum, and sparkling wine filled his fix. A selection of local beers, hard ciders, and a thorough wine selection rounds out the eclectic list.

Sibling Rivalry is something of a crowd-pleaser — definitely passing as a date-night spot, but there is also a pretty well-endowed bar area, not to mention the Chef’s Bar, where you have a front-row seat to the hustle in the kitchen. I have since returned, found new favorites, and realized that my taste buds really do not favor one brother over the other, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all relative, isn’t it?

525 Tremont St (btw Milford & Dwight)
Boston, MA 02116
$ $ $