The World Now Has a $400 White Castle Slider

$400 of high-end ingredients make the world’s fanciest slider
Facebook/White Castle

The $400 White Castle slider has an ounce of white truffles, an ounce of caviar, and reportedly tastes absolutely disgusting. 

There are a lot of things a person could do with a $250 Williams Sonoma gift card, but few people would think of putting it towards the creation of the world’s most expensive White Castle slider.

According to The Braiser, Nick Chapman of Dude Foods spent his $250 gift card on an ounce of white truffles, and then decided the most hilarious thing to do with those truffles would be to put them on a White Castle slider. From there, he writes, the idea “spiraled out of control,” and he wound up going for broke--or $400--to see how much expensive stuff he could pile on that one tiny, square burger.

Chapman wrote: “I decided to combine the truffles with every other insanely expensive food I could think of to create the most expensive White Castle slider ever assembled.”

In addition to the truffles, Chapman added Hook’s 15-year Cheddar, which sells for $80 a pound. He also added prosciutto, foie gras, port wine pate, a full ounce of Russian caviar, and a fried quail egg. Then he sprinkled 24-carat gold all over it, because at that point it would have been silly not to. 

In the end, Chapman said his high-end Frankenslider cost $400 and tasted absolutely disgusting.

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“In retrospect,” Chapman wrote, “I probably should have just spent the $400 on 20 Crave Cases from White Castle, or in other words, 600 sliders.”