Driving Head-On Into Weight Gain

A recent study shows a connection between driving and obesity.

Driving Head On Into Weight Gain

It’s no surprise that the world we live in today is a fast-paced one, where the ability to do something quickly is valued above many other criteria, including at times our health. Take, for example, the case of commuting. A recent study conducted by the University of Illinois, which reveals a direct correlation between time spent in the car and the rates of obesity, proves that our literal need for speed is damaging our health. The more time people spend in their cars (measured in miles driven by a licensed driver) the more weight they gain.

These findings come as little shock since a lack of physical exercise is known to be a key cause of the obesity, and yet for reasons unknown, the case subjects used in the study were not questioned about their diets, lifestyles or incomes — all factors that can contribute to weight gain. Therefore while the researchers can confirm with 99.6 percent certainty that the correlation does indeed exist, they cannot definitively explain what causes it.  


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