Drive-Thru Workers Fired For Trading Food For Weed

A few entrepreneurial quick-service employees were fired this week when they were caught on film exchanging free meals for bong hits from customers in the drive-thru window.

According to Jezebel, the weed-for-burgers deal was the idea of Washington marijuana activist Jonah Tacoma, who videotaped himself and a few friends driving through the drive-thru of a local Frugals, a restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest. While picking up his order of burgers, Tacoma asked the employees manning the drive-thru if they'd be willing to accept hits of marijuana in lieu of cash. The employees agreed, and Tacoma caught the whole transaction on video.

The incident reportedly took place a month ago, but Tacoma did not release the video until recently. Marijuana is legal in Washington, but Frugals has a policy against drugs in the workplace, so not long after the video was made public, both the employees in the video were predictably fired.