Introducing What’s Probably the World’s Largest Cocktail Shaker

And yes, it'll be full of booze

The Monkey Mixer

This year, as you’re driving down the highway, you may see something a little out of the ordinary pull up next to you: a cement mixer-sized cocktail shaker.

The Scotch whisky brand Monkey Shoulder had the heavy-duty vehicle custom built and dubbed it the Monkey Mixer. The rotating shaker will be serving up cocktails across the country over the course of the year, but will be making its debut during the Arizona Cocktail Weekend on February 17 and 18.

“The Monkey Shaker is obviously a one-of-a-kind creation, and we’re ecstatic that it’s making its world debut, of all places, right here in Phoenix,” said Damon Scott, co-founder of the event.

During multiple events over the weekend, including the Top Bar pop-up, guests can sip on a Mixed Up Monkey, the debut cocktail that will be served directly from the Monkey Mixer’s chute. The giant shaker will certainly be able to serve a crowd, too — the 2,400-gallon rotating mixer can hold the equivalent of 123,000 bottles of Monkey Shoulder, so no one will go thirsty.


After the Arizona Cocktail Weekend, the Monkey Mixer will hit the road as its own rolling party, with a 2,000-watt sound system. In the meantime, study up on your whisky facts.