What to Drink to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Slideshow)


Bottled Water

Whether it’s Aquafina, Dasani, Smartwater, or Poland Springs, get your hands on any and all bottled water you can. There’s no telling how many zombies fell into reservoirs, lakes, streams, and even oceans and may have contaminated previously viable drinking water.

Rain Water


You have to stay hydrated if you’re spending all your time fighting off zombies. Go to an area that is high up (the top of a hill, mountain, building, ANYTHING!) and set up a large tarp that is void of holes. Collect your rain water as frequently as you can and store it in bottles so that you can drink it when supplies are low or there is a drought. Remember, rain water is OK to drink without sanitizing it.


We’re not talking about bottled juice here. We mean actual juice that has been squeezed out of a piece of fruit. Oranges, pineapples, lemons, and limes are all exceptional sources of vitamin c, hydration, and energy. We know that you won’t have a juicer when you’re surrounded by millions of flesh-feasting killers, but you have a knife (we hope) and all you have to do to quench your thirst is slice the orange in half and squeeze!

Coconut Water


Again, this isn’t the bottled stuff, because you probably don’t have access to that (but if you do have access, stock up!), but the zombie apocalypse means that the entire world is going to be covered in the walking dead and that includes islands and warm-weather places. But if you were lucky enough to get stranded on your honeymoon when the zombie takeover hit, you have access to coconuts and all their hydration benefits. Crack open a coconut and start drinking the juice!



If you’re down to the wire and you’re in need of nutrients and hydration with no water in sight, then beer is your viable final option. As beer is mostly water, humans have been drinking beer for centuries to survive and it can even fight off infection due to the alcohol content. Remember, drinking beer will eventually dehydrate you and make you even thirstier. And we’re not sure how much of a good idea it is to be fighting zombies while you’re wasted, but hey, it might make you less terrified!