Charcoal Water


What Is Charcoal Water and Is It Good For You?

Apparently, adding charcoal to your water can remove impurities

We’re no strangers to water infusion fads. From strawberry-mint to blueberry-orange flavors, we’ve covered all of the basics. That being said, when we came across the latest infusion trend, we were surprised that we’ve never heard of it before. If you’re a health-trend junkie, you need to know about the newest water infusion craze: charcoal water.

According to The Daily Mail, sticks of a substance known as binchotan charcoal are said to be an effective way of removing impurities from your water, such as chlorine.

Apparently, we’re a tad late on this tactic, for experts say charcoal has been used as a purifier in Japan since the seventeenth century.

Dan Black, founder of the firm black+blum — a company which sells sticks of charcoal for water in the U.K. — is a firm believer in charcoal and all of its glory. To prove his theory, he breaks down the facts. “It has an incredibly porous surface,” says Black. “The ions of contaminates are attached to the surface of the carbon, where they will be held.”

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According to experts like Black, charcoal water is a great way to naturally purify your H2O. Even if it’s healthy, though, we’re still a little iffy on whether or not it would taste good. What is your opinion on charcoal water, and would you ever try it?