Spirits Gift Guide
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Tequila, Rum, Whisky, and More: 13 Spirited Holiday Gift Bottles

Spirits make great gifts, long-lasting and easily appreciated

The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and we all have a multitude of loved ones on our shopping lists — people we care about, and people we like to think will smile when they open our gifts. The act of shopping for those gifts, however, has become more challenging and stressful in today's on-demand society. Most of us have access to web retailers who will deliver products nearly instantly for free or a minimal fee, so it's sometimes hard to stay ahead of what people might buy for themselves.

Tequila, Rum, Whisky, and More: 13 Spirited Holiday Gift Bottles Slideshow

Don't worry: A bottle of rum, whisky, or other spirit will always be welcome. In fact, spirits are a great gift choice: They never go bad, so there’s no pressure to open them immediately. The number of available small-batch and limited-edition expressions of whisky, tequila, rum, gin, and more has exploded in recent years, so the number of choices in each of those categories is far more varied than it was even five years ago.

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With that in mind, I tasted quite a few offerings in those categories and beyond, ultimately selecting 13 spirits I can heartily recommend, including well-known standbys, special releases, and new additions to a few portfolios from famous producers. Each of them is delicious and worth its price — and there's also something for almost any budget.