New Orleans, Louisiana from Take It With You: Eight Cities Okay With Outdoor Alcohol (Slideshow)

Take It With You: Eight Cities Okay With Outdoor Alcohol (Slideshow)

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New Orleans, Louisiana

One of America’s oldest ports, this city takes its partying seriously. You owe it to yourself to take your Hurricane to go as you stroll the town’s tiny brick streets, steeped in French, African, and Spanish history. 


Hood River, Oregon

Nestled between Mount Hood and the Columbia River, this town has everything you’ll need for a storybook vacation, including the option to sip while you sample award-winning local food and astonishingly picturesque natural vistas. 


Savannah, Georgia

As if you needed another reason to visit one of the most pristine, history-steeped cities in the country. Carry a plastic container of your favorite cocktail while you wander beneath Spanish moss drenched trees, taking in some of the most beautiful architecture America has to offer. 


Fredericksburg, Texas

Never heard of Fredericksburg? Well, get ready, because you’re in for a treat. This artsy, German-founded town is famous for its sweet local wine, which you’re welcome to sample in the open air as you visit the shops on the town’s main street.


Beale Street, Memphis , Tennessee

This section of the city famous for the blues is exempt from state open container laws, so sip some sprits as you tap your foot in time to the sweet sounds you’ll hear wafting from virtually every open door in the charming music mecca.


Butte, Montana

In this ruggedly gorgeous mining town, no one will bat an eye if you stroll the streets, beverage in hand, exploring its Wild West past of brothels, speakeasies, and Copper Kings. 


Power & Light District, Kansas City, Missouri

This Midwestern hotspot is home to nine blocks of wining, dining, and shopping venues. It’s also one of the few spots in the country where visitors are encouraged to sip as they peruse the brightly lit strip.  


Las Vegas, Nevada

If you happen to be staying in one of the Las Vegas’s stunning resorts, packed full of restaurants, shopping, shows, and, of course, gambling, you may never leave your hotel. If you do happen to venture outside, rest assured that you’re welcome to take your cocktail with you. 

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Take It With You: Eight Cities Okay With Outdoor Alcohol (Slideshow)