Baileys Glamour Shot Recipe from Stellar Drinks for Your Oscars Party (Slideshow)

Stellar Drinks for Your Oscars Party (Slideshow)

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Baileys Glamour Shot Recipe

Glittery, glitzy, glamorous -- we're sure that the gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o's Oscar gown will be just as delicious as this decadent cocktail

Beverly Hills Hotel

Trouble on the Hubble Recipe

Gravity-inspired concotion that's sure to please.

Drambuie and Anthony Caporale

The Golden Nail Recipe

Elegant, chic, and sweet with a kick: this drink is sure to be a party favorite.


Cheers to the Wolf Recipe

We'll give a whistle to this award-worthy cocktail


The Leading Lady Recipe

Serving this cocktail will instantly transform your “girls’ night in” into a glamorous A-list event.

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Stellar Drinks for Your Oscars Party (Slideshow)