Redhook and Caffe Vita Brew Up Double Black Stout in Seattle

The perfect winter beer

This blend is ideal for cold months.

If two wrongs don’t make a right, what do two rights make? A delicious beer, when the twosome is Redhook Brewery and Caffe Vita. The beloved, Seattle-born brewery and coffee roaster have collaborated on a tasty brew: the Double Black Stout.

To create this perk-me-up pint, Redhook brewer Nick Crandall explained the process is similar to that of cold brew coffee; he steeped the stout in coarsely ground coffee beans for 16 hours. The beans — La Angostura from Costa Rica — were chosen after a blind taste-testing led by one of Caffe Vita’s coffee buyers, Daniel Shewmaker. The result? A toasty beer brimming with roasted malts and beans. It’s like winter in a glass.

The coffee’s hazelnut, cocoa, and caramel notes pair deliciously with the stout’s chocolate and molasses flavor. A coffee-forward beer, the Double Black Stout is as close to a breakfast beer as they come. Redhook’s tagline, “So dark, nobody will know what’s really in your mug,” confirms my hunch. Crandall reminds me that the stout is packed with polyphenol and antioxidants as well, making it an apt brew for flu season.

I got to taste the Double Black Stout at a release party at Bourbon & Bones, sipping alongside the BBQ joint’s mouthwatering ribs, fried chicken, and hush puppies. It was the perfect combo for a chilly, rainy night.


Available on draft for the next few months, the Double Black Stout is only available in the Seattle region. For as both companies expand nationally, Redhook and Caffe Vita remain true to their Emerald City roots.