Quinoa Milk and Other Healthy Non-Dairy Alternatives (Slideshow)

Healthy, popular, dairy-free alternatives to milk

Sesame Milk

Sesame milk is packed with more calcium than dairy in a cup-to-cup comparison. Plus, this drink is abundant in zinc, copper, magnesium, and B vitamins.

Quinoa Milk

Gluten-free, it may be a perfect source of protein, and is a great option for those with gluten sensitivity. This grain is related to the spinach family, and is actually a complete protein, with all the essential amino acids.

Soy Milk


Out of all the alternatives, soy milk is the closest nutritionally to cow's milk. Always choose non-GMO versions if they’re available.

Almond Milk


Lactose, gluten, casein, and cholesterol free, almond milk is loaded with vitamins and minerals. You can easily find vanilla and chocolate options in most grocery stores and online. 

Rice Milk

One of the least allergenic milks, this is a great choice for those who cannot consume nut, soy, or cow products.

Coconut Milk


This fruit should not be underestimated: every part of it is incredibly healthy and nutritious.

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is not made from marijuana, but the seeds of the hemp plant, which is legal to grow. Hemp has a powerful punch of omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein. 

Chia Milk


These seeds hold more than ten times their weight in liquid. Consumed by Aztec warriors for strength and stamina, chia milk is packed with essential fatty acids and protein and antioxidants.

Flax Milk


Enriched with many vitamins, minerals, and especially omega-3 fatty acids, flax milk is an excellent alternative to dairy.

Sunflower Milk

Thick and creamy with a faintly nutty taste, this drink is high in vitamin E, folic acid, and a slew of other vitamins.

Oat Milk

Lactose and cholesterol free, this drink contains folic acid, which is essential to DNA repair.