New Unicorn Kisses-flavored Seltzer Is No April Fool’s Joke

Last week, the company sent out a press release with the mythical origin of its seltzer

Bottles of Polar Seltzer’s newest flavor, Unicorn Kisses, are creating a stir among fans

A new seltzer has hit the market that’s sending superfans into fits and skeptical consumers sniffing for whiffs of an elaborate hoax.

The Massachusetts-based Polar Seltzer has released a new Unicorn Kisses (real name) flavor, made with lemon-lime and a sprinkle of magic.

Last week, the company sent out a press release with the mythical origin of its seltzer. 

According the the story, a unicorn used its magic to turn the company founder's water into bubbly, fizzy seltzer after the man helped cheer up the unicorn, and seltzer was born. 

"Polar Seltzer was first created in a deal struck between a nature-loving humanitarian and a sad unicorn. Their chance encounter has forever sealed the fate of thirsty consumers everywhere. Rainbows were exchanged for sparkle in an all equity deal."

Polar Seltzer said it's also releasing a new logo on April 1, which immediately raised suspicions among the non-believers of an April Fool’s joke in the making. But according to the company, it’s real and being sold in stores already.

“We can confirm that Unicorn Kisses is real and out there in the wild. However, we’re unable to secure any unicorn experts at this time,” said company spokeswoman Lisbet Crowley.

So how does it taste?

Some fans on social media say a mix of cucumber and Sweet Tarts.  Others say it conjures up tastes of candy apples or tropical Jolly Ranchers.

The company has only released 5,000 cases of the new seltzer flavor and it will only be available in the Northeast for a limited time. But apparently some stores are having trouble keeping it in stock.

So it's not surprising that bottles have started appearing on eBay and are going for anywhere between $14 and $119. If regular seltzer damages your teeth, we can't image what this flavor would do.  But we're ready for a taste of magic. 

This article was originally published on March, 29, 2016