Make a Splash This Summer! Live It Up with Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum

Who knew that Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum was the perfect poolside mixer?

You’re going to love all of the tasty cocktails that come from Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum.

Get ready to celebrate summer with the perfect cocktail ingredient: Captain Morgan rum.

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While you know Captain Morgan for its spiced rum, it’s now time to surrender to three new tropical flavors: Pineapple Rum, Coconut Rum, and Grapefruit Rum.

The new Grapefruit Rum has everything you love about a ruby red grapefruit — a mix of juicy sweetness and tartness — along with background flavors of molasses and tropical fruit. The result? A citrusy rum with a little bite and a full-bodied finish.

Your fun-in-the-sun party is about to start! We’ve got great Grapefruit Rum recipes that are easy to prepare and delicious to share. They look great, and they’re low-calorie, too. Cheers to having a beach body and a few new favorite Grapefruit Rum cocktails.

So grab the Captain Morgan Grapefruit Rum, chill your glasses, prep your blender, and join your friends in a salute to a citrus-inspired summer!


When you’re garnishing your drinks, don’t forget your pirate flag. The Captain is one party guest you’ll want to toast!