Macaulay Culkin Has Invented the Piggyback Shot

The celebrity revealed his cocktail on Anna Faris' 'Unqualified' podcast

Macaulay Culkin

Nearly every week, actress Anna Faris invites celebrity guests onto her podcast Unqualified to discuss dating deal-breakers, play games, and offer advice. This week, actor Macaulay Culkin joined the fun.

Among discussions of his relationship status (taken) and childrearing (you’ll have to listen), Faris asked what Culkin liked to cook while stoned.

“I’m a soup-maker. I like making soup. I like spending all day making soup.”

Culkin cooks from scratch, fetching bones from the butcher to make broth for his chicken and beef soups.

“My ham soup — Do you know what a pickleback is?” he asked. “I have a piggyback. It’s a shot of whiskey and a shot of ham broth.”

Like a pickleback shot, the salty soup base takes the kick out of the spirit. This is not the world’s first broth cocktail. In the late 1950s, the bullshot became popular. The tomato-vodka-beef bouillon cocktail appeared on cocktail menus across the country.

Now, the piggyback shot may not spread across the country, but there’s one person who will definitely be serving them.

Culkin says he has “gallons of ham broth” at the ready. But if he decides not to do all of it in shots, he could always whip up one of his many soups.