Host a Golden Globes Cocktail Party (Slideshow)

Cocktails to get you ready for a night on the red carpet with Tina and Amy

Jordan Belfort

If Leo wins for Wolf of Wallstreet, knock back a goldschlager-laden Jordan Belfort.

Magnificent Mary Pop

If you’re among the many who thought that Saving Mr. Banks ought to have earned a Golden Globes nod, offer your guests sips of the Magnificent Mary Pop.

B*tches Get Stuff Done


Anytime brilliant cohosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler make you laugh out loud, take a sip of your B*tches Get Stuff Done.

Sass in a Glass

Presenter Jennifer Lawrence is basically Sass in a Glass.  

The American Bubbly

The American Bubbly is best enjoyed while checking out Bradley Cooper in a tuxedo.



If Sandra Bullock snags Best Actress, it’s time for a Gravity shot. 

Downton Abbey


If Downton Abbey doesn’t take best TV drama, we will eat our hats. Or just drink more of these.

Blue Jasmine


Despite its color, our Blue Jasmine is elegant enough for a Birkin-toting Cate Blanchett