Healthy Juices You've Never Heard Of (Slideshow)



Andrew Zimmerman refers to this drink as the “pharmacy of the rainforest.” He claims that it destroys free radicals and can improve your skin. The juice tastes like pear with a hint of banana. 



Mark Twain called cherimoya "the most delicious fruit known to men." Its flavor is a cross between a pineapple and a banana, but the texture is more like a mushy pear. In addition to juicing, this fruit can also be made into a great sorbet.


Packed with antioxidants, mangosteen is delicious, healthful, and can also be blended into an excellent margarita.


Lychees are rich in vitamin C, and support brain and nerve health. They are also exceptionally delicious: their fruit is juicy and has a pleasant, floral quality; not like drinking perfume, more like a light floral liqueur. This fruit can also be made into a wonderful Lychee Martini.


High in vitamin C, this fruit is allegedly excellent for creating killer curves in women. We’re not so sure about that claim, but a fresh fruit like this one that's packed with vitamin C are sure to brighten your skin.



This fruit has the highest concentration of beta carotene of any fruit or vegetable we are currently aware of — ten times more than carrots. This property can make your skin glow and may protect your body from the damage of free radicals. It is similar to cantaloupe in taste.



A rich source of flavonoids, this fruit may help prevent pulmonary disease and diabetes. Native to Hawaii, you can use it for juicing or to make a tasty jelly



Rich in an array of B vitamins, guanabana can help ward off cancers and may help slow the process of visible aging. This fruit is great in a batido, or shake.