Healthy Drinks That Will Ease Your Heartburn (Slideshow)

Need heartburn help? Eat smaller meals — and try smoothies!

Chamomile and Ginger Tea Recipe


Chamomile is an effective acid neutralizer that also aids in relaxation. Ginger helps repair inflammation, eases nausea, and settles the stomach. Sip this tea hot or cold and let it soothe your burning tummy.

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Healing Aloe Vera Green Tea


Fresh aloe vera helps the body repair cell damage, and green tea is a stomach soother that aids in healthy digestion. Choose decaffeinated green tea, as caffeine can be a trigger for heartburn.

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Refreshing Summer PH Booster


“Heartburn means you are acidic and inflamed,” explains Birgitta Lauren, fitness expert and President of Expecting Fitness. Her team has created a cool summer drink that will help boost PH levels to reduce acidity, reduce inflammation, and soothe the stomach.

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Stomach Soothing Juice


Melons are good for heartburn because their pH levels are high. You can drink this melon juice to balance out particularly acidic meals or as a preventative measure. The high water content of the melons also helps to keep you hydrated!

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Pack in the Veggie Juice


Vegetables high in fiber and pH levels are great to help neutralize acid in the stomach. Don’t be afraid try out other veggies such as spinach, kale, beetroot, jicama, and lemon grass in your juice regimen!

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Put Out the Fire Pear Smoothie


Apple Cider Vinegar is a natural remedy for heartburn. It helps balance the acid in the stomach and can help stop symptoms in their tracks.

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Mineral Burst Red Beet Smoothie


Elizabeth Brown of The Kitchen Vixen, registered dietitian and holistic chef, suggests cooking some vegetables before consuming, as they “are easier tolerated than raw forms and will likely cause less heartburn.” Beets are a mineral-rich and delicious option for meal-replacement drinks.

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Chilly Green Smoothie


Health experts at Vivier Health have found that smoothies “have the ability to cover a wider space in the gastrointestinal system than solid foods, which have to be broken down.” Replacing meals with healthy smoothies gives your body time to rest and recover after a serious bout of heartburn.

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Peanut Butter, Apple, and Banana Smoothie


This delicious fruit smoothie packs a protein boost without promising a bout of heartburn. Bananas and apples have high pH levels to help prevent or relieve heartburn symptoms. Be sure to stick to sweeter apples, as the tart Granny Smiths are more acidic!

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Pumpkin Spice Smoothie


When fall rolls around, everyone reaches for pumpkin spiced coffee drinks, which can seriously exacerbate heartburn. But pumpkin is high in fiber and great for digestive health, so cut out the coffee and drink up!

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