Happy National Tequila Day! 5 New Ways to Drink Tequila Slideshow

No basic margaritas or boring tequila shots here, we've rounded up 5 innovative recipes for National Tequila Day!

Mexican Mule Cocktail

The agave plant used in tequila is produced in the highlands of Mexico, therefore to pay tribute to the spirit and country, Gemma at the Bowery Hotel has created a spin on traditional cocktail Moscow Mule and renamed it as the Mexican Mule. Served in a similar copper mug to keep the concoction cooled, the difference is found in the ingredients, which is a substituted with tequila instead of vodka. Click here for the Mexican Mule cocktail recipe.

The Freshest Sangrita Cocktail

The consumer is placing more value on drinking well-crafted cocktails now. More places are pairing tequila with spice-forward ingredients, like peppers. Click here for the Freshest Sangrita cocktail recipe.

Getting Figgy With It

Stirred cocktails are being made a lot with aged tequila now, as opposed to the classic silver. Aged tequila is more complex, a nice blend of agave and oak. Click here for the Getting Figgy With It cocktail recipe.

Azoteas Verdes Margarita

The American palate is so sophisticated these days. It goes hand-in-hand with the foodie movement – people want to know that what they’re ingesting is fresh, seasonal and all-natural. The norm is becoming more exotic in terms of the fresh herbs and unusual spices used in cocktails – everyone is trying to raise the bar. Click here for the Azoteas Verdes Margarita.

Tequila Don Julia Blanco Paloma

In honor of National Tequila Day on July 24, Tequila Don Julio would like you to celebrate the authentic flavor of Mexico with its most popular drink, the Paloma.The outcome is one cocktail that has been partly deconstructed to create two great tasting drinks meant to be shared with a friend, and the perfect way to honor Mexico’s most influential spirit on National Tequila Day. Click here for the Tequila Don Julia Blanco Paloma recipe.