Cooking Up Alcoholic Ice Pops

Recipes from People's Pops include a spirited take on a frozen treat

Alcoholic ice pops from People's Pops.

When we heard that the new book People’s Pops included recipes for adult treats featuring liquor, let’s just say we were a bit excited. Like beg-your-momma-for-a-dollar-and-run-after-the-ice-cream-truck excited.

The volume, which comes out tomorrow, was written by Nathalie Jordi, David Carrell, and Joel Horowitz, who own the wildly popular Brooklyn shop of the same name. The trio started making frozen confections in 2008 with fresh produce from the famed Union Square Greenmarket and now has a devoted following around New York.

While you can buy their non-alcoholic pops in the Big Apple, the only way to taste the spirited ones is to whip them up yourself. Keep in mind that the base mixture can’t be more than 20 percent liquor or it won’t freeze properly. (Don’t have a mold? No need to worry. You can use shot glasses or even an ice cube tray.)

The authors were kind enough to share with us the recipe for their tasty Blueberry Moonshine Ice Pops (pictured above), which calls for, of course, blueberries and unaged whiskey (the commercially available stuff, please — we don’t want any trouble from the Feds), plus simple syrup and lemon juice.

Another good one to try is their tart-and-sweet Cantaloupe & Campari Ice Pops. The best part is that the formula contains just three ingredients and is the coolest thing we’ve found in a while to enjoy on a hazy, hot, and humid afternoon.

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