Coca-Cola Cinnamon Will Add Spice To The Season

WhenΒ Coca-Cola decides to release a new flavor, it's a big fizzy deal. You just know the soda behemoth has tested and reworked and tried it out in every possible way. (Hopefully this time it leads to better results than in the New Coke debacle.) That's why it's kind of exciting that the drink company's new beverage still sounds a little radical. Coming soon to a grocery store near you: Coca-Cola Cinnamon.

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Cinnamon can liven up everything from breakfast toast to coffeecake to spicy mole sauce. But you may not have thought of the zesty spice as a cola add-in.

Still, the flavor's been around before, kind of. Last year, British shoppers could pick up a cinnamon version of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. And fans in the U.K. seemed to like it, based on Twitter users who begged the company to keep it around after the holidays. (Sorry, it's seasonal only, which doesn't help the Glasgow resident who told the company, "Cinnamon is for life, not just for Christmas.")

Some Brits even used the spicy soda as a marvelous mixer.

While the U.K.'s cinnamon Coke was sugar-free, a representative for Coca-Cola told The Daily Meal in an email that there's no zero-sugar version of the cinnamon Coke in the U.S. this year. (Maybe they'll release one in the future if the full-sugar version is a hit? We'll see.)

Coca-Cola confirmed that Coca-Cola Cinnamon will hit shelves nationwide on September 30. It won't be the only beverage newbie popping off in the soda section. Coca-Cola also makes Sprite, and that drink is getting a flavor variant for the holidays, too. Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry will also come to stores on September 30, and also for a limited time only. And of course, earlier this year, Coca-Cola released an orange vanilla flavor, its first new permanent flavor in a decade. The pop universe is full of surprising facts. Check out these intriguing things you didn't know about 15 of the most popular soda brands.