Celebrity Liquor Brands

Celebrities never stick to their day jobs, but here’s to those who decided to expand into the world of booze

Celebrity Liquor Brands

Celebrities never stick to their day jobs, but here’s to those who decided to expand into the world of booze.

1. Dan Aykroyd: Crystal Head Vodka

We think it’s only natural that Dan Aykroyd, of Ghostbusters fame, makes vodka known for being sold in a glass skull bottle. Aykroyd, in partnership with New York-based artist John Alexander, wanted to create a vodka that was additive-free and as pure as possible — and succeed he did, with a seven-times-distilled spirit made from Canadian-grown "peaches and cream" corn.

2. Marilyn Manson: Mansinthe Absinthe

Made in Switzerland, Manson’s absinthe is award-winning and delicious; it took the gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. As “unbranded” as Manson alludes to being, developing his own absinthe with his own artwork on the label seems strangely fitting.

3. George Clooney: Casamigos Tequila

Clooney’s award-winning tequila, Casamigos, was a collaborative effort with his good friend the nightclub impresario Rande Gerber to create “the best-tasting, smoothest” tequila. Produced in Jalisco, Mexico, the liquor has received rave reviews; it even got one from The Daily Meal.

4. Justin Timberlake: Sauza 901 Tequila

Named after his Memphis, Tenn. hometown area code, Sauza 901 Tequila is Justin Timberlake’s own brand, which he co-founded with the major old-line tequila producer Sauza.

5. David Beckham: Haig Club Whisky

At first glance, this bottle could be mistaken for a bottle of cologne, and between the elegant shape of the bottle and having David Beckham as the spokesperson and one of the men behind the project, it’s easy to see why. Add to that the fact that Guy Richie directed the first commercial, and it’s clear that Haig Club has laid claim to some of the U.K’s most distinguished gentlemen. In case you think the brand relies on celebrity without authenticity, note that the whisky is made at Cameron Bridge Distillery, the oldest grain distillery in Scotland.

6. Bethenny Frankel: Skinnygirl

Real Housewives of New York star and former daytime talk show host Bethenny Frankel runs the diet self-help empire known as Skinnygirl. Cocktails, books, and other products have now been released under the company’s name, which prides itself on low-calorie, healthy food and drink products, including a line of low-cal margaritas and a range of wines.

7. Ron Jeremy : Ron de Jeremy

Actor Ron Jeremy is a true crossover celebrity. He has not only appeared in many, er, adult films, but also in several music videos and debates, has written a book, and has made frequent TV appearances — with his clothes on, of course. It’s only natural that he lent his name to Ron de Jeremy, a brand of rum (ron in Spanish).

8. Ludacris: Conjure Cognac


Atlanta-based rapper and actor Christopher Brian Bridges, better known as Ludacris, has made a career of rapping about having a good time, so it comes as no surprise that he has an alcoholic beverage in his portfolio. This classy spirit is apparently handcrafted under the direction of Ludacris himself.

9. Willie Nelson: Old Whiskey River Bourbon

Willie Nelson’s bourbon is hard to come by, but that obscurity that is just what we would expect out of Willie. The 6-year aged bourbon has one marketing strategy, if you could call it that: his song from 1973, “Whiskey River.” With lyrics like “Feeling the amber current flowin' from my mind,” we’re sold.

10. Danny DeVito: Limoncello

This odd celebrity/liqueur pairing spun an even odder stunt, on the daytime talk show The View, of all places, where Mr. DeVito made an appearance drunk on his owned and namesake limoncello with the excuse of having partied all night with George Clooney.