A Bizarre Evening of Cocktail Theatrics from LA's Finest Bar (Slideshow)

Rob Floyd's Cocktail Theatre amazes at the Melrose Umbrella Co

Starting the Evening Off Right

Without knowing more than the somewhat vague title of the show, this scene clearly wasn't what the audience had mentally prepared for.

An Environment That Could Only be Developed by Rob Floyd

They’ll take sips from one another’s glass, throwing the risk of cooties into the wind, swap drinks, exchange names and for at least the time that they are sat there, become friends.

Truly Craft Cocktails

Across the bar strangers passionately converse with one another over a set of customized, nameless drinks he and his team built to suit the customer's tastes. 

The Melrose Umbrella Co.

It was a surreal evening of stories and booze that astutely combined the history and craft of cocktails, theatrical narrative, and superb drinks.

Quite a Cast of Characters

Propped along the bar like limber, sag-stringed puppets were a bulbous chested white bunny, a shredded, virile angel, and a luchador.

Cheers and Good Night

Rob and his trippy cast of mute assistants drew the show to a close with a heartfelt anecdote about his father.