The Best Juice Bars in America Slideshow

These juice bars serve the most delicious and nutritious juices across the U.S.

JuiceLand, Austin, Texas

JuiceLand was founded in 2011 by a team of employees who left a previous startup juice company in Austin. The menu is made up of juices and smoothies with funky names, as well as some all natural food items.

•Twenty-seven juices on the menu

• Most of the juices on the menu are cold-pressed; JuiceLand also uses as many local and organic ingredients as possible. One unique cold-pressed juice they have is called "Ninja Bachelor Party," which contains pineapple, jalapeño, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, and salt.

• About 25 ingredients are used in their juice menu, including wheatgrass and durian.

• Several cleanses are offered, ranging from all liquid, to some liquid and some solid. A three-day cleanse is $161.85.

• Celebrity chefs enjoy JuiceLand especially, and have been known to do demos at the Austin locations

Juice Shop, San Francisco

Juice Shop was founded to help aid a sick family member naturally, and eventually became a store owned by three brothers.  The store’s philosophy is that food (specifically, juices) has the power to transform one’s health.

• Thirteen juices are offered her

• All produce is sourced within 200 miles of the kitchen (awesome!). Everything is cold-pressed, and bottled in glass to limit oxidation and preserve the nutrients.

• The signature juice is called "Bright Green" (and bright it is); it contains kale, ginger, cucumber, pineapple, apple, and lemon.

• About 20 ingredients are used in the juices, including coconut water and dandelion greens.

• A three-day cleanse at the intermediate level (there are four levels), is $187.50.

Organic Avenue

Founded in 2000 in a downtown New York City apartment, Organic Avenue is now one of the most well-known juice and raw food chains in Manhattan. The company encourages a healthy lifestyle and education to customers.

• Twenty juices available on the menu.

• All juices are cold-pressed at the Organic Avenue kitchen and shipped to stores every morning; all ingredients are organic.

• "Green LLOVE" is the signature drink; it contains the most variety of greens in one bottle. The juice is made with kale, Swiss chard, spinach, parsley, collard greens, romaine, pear, and lemon.

• Twenty-one different ingredients are used in the variety of juices

• They offer several different raw food and juice cleanses, but a three-day juice cleanse is a bit pricey, at $180.

• Celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Anniston, Meg Ryan, and more have been seen with the signature orange Organic Avenue tote bags.

Peeled, Chicago

Peeled prides themselves on the fact that they are "more than just a juice bar." The Chicago store offers hand-crafted, cold-pressed, juices — and they make sure everyone from connoisseurs to novices gets a great experience.

• Ten juices on the menu, with one daily cold-pressed special that is different every day.

• "Adam’s Apple" is their signature juice, which is a mix of pineapple, apple, and ginger.

• About 25 different ingredients are used in their juices, like cilantro, lime, and juicy pineapple.

• A three-day cleanse is $99.  The store also has one-day maintenance packs and extended cleanses.

Sip, Portland, Ore.

All this shiny, vintage-looking, truck does is drinks — and they make them well. Sip is a favorite among Portland, Ore., residents, and it's rumored that if you’re extra nice they’ll let you try a few things. The fresh ingredients are the stars in these juices.

• Six juices on the menu, but custom juices are available. 

• All juices are made to order on the Sip juice cart; all ingredients are local and organic. 

• The signature juice: the "Hawthorne," made with apple, carrot, parsley, lemon, and ginger. 

• More than 17 combinations of fruits and vegetables to add to your juices including kale, cucumber, and strawberries. 

• No juice cleanse offered. 

JugoFresh, Miami

You are what you eat" is the main idea of this local juice company. The employees strive to show customers that high-quality food that is healthy is flavorful and fast if you go to JugoFresh.

• Twenty-six juices available on the menu, but the menu is constantly changing.

• All juices are cold-pressed and made from organic ingredients. They are freshly pre-bottled for sale.

• Try their signature "PH G(reen)" juice, a spicy and refreshing mix of cucumber, celery, lemon, parsley, ginger, and cayenne.

• About 20 different ingredients are used in their juices. Some unique ingredients used are Himalayan sea salt, sunflower sprouts, and coconut water.

• With four different levels of cleansing from beginner to advanced, the basic cleanse is $199.02 for three days.

Pressed Juicery, Los Angeles

This California-based juice company believes that raw, cold-pressed juice is an easy and convenient way to meet your daily nutrition requirements. The founders believe that to be the best you can be, you must have proper nutrition — so drink up!

• Thirty-two juices are sold at the popular juicer.

• All juices are raw, cold-pressed, and never touch heat.

• Some of the signature juices are Greens 5 (made with spinach, romaine, fennel, orange, pineapple, and cilantro) and Roots 2 (made with carrot, cucumber, spinach, and parsley).

• More than 35 ingredients are used in their juices! Honeydew, dates, and watercress and some standouts.

• Three-day cleanses start at $199. They have three different options of cleanses (Nourish, Detox, and Refine).

• Nicole Richie and Minka Kelly are just two of the many celebrities that are fans of this LA juice joint.

Juice Press, New York City

Juice Press is New York’s "best darn juice" (according to them at least), with a grab-and-go store setting for raw food, smoothies, and organic cold-pressed juices. They focus on nutrition density, healing, and cleverly named juices.

• Thirty-two juices are available at the New York City-based chain. 

• All juices are cold-pressed with a Norwalk juicer to preserve nutrients and guarantee freshness.

• "Gravity Juice" is one of their most popular juices and it is very, very green; it contains cucumber, celery, kale, lemon, aloe, and E3 LIVE.

• About 27 different fruits, vegetables, are in the juices including oil of oregano and tomato.

• It's $168 for the standard three-day juice cleanses.

• Kate Hudson, Moby, and Mark Teixeira have been seen drinking the good stuff.•

Dtox Juice, Atlanta

Dtox Juice is a no-frills company that focuses on one goal — cleansing their customers effectively (hence the name, "Dtox"). Cleanses work to rid the body from toxins and rejuvenate cells so your body can function better.

• Eight juices on this small, yet powerful, menu.

• Dtox uses a centrifugal extractor to ensure the full amount of nutrients remain in the juice.

• The signature juice is simply called Green Juice; it contains cucumber, apple, lemon, celery, kale, spinach, parsley, and watercress.

• About 25 ingredients are used in their juices, like grapefruit, jalapeño, and olive oil.

• A three-day juice cleanse is $168, with a refundable bottle deposit.

• Celebrity Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN, is a frequent visitor.

Liquiteria, New York City

• Liquiteria strives to provide a fun environment in which to enjoy their cold-pressed juices. While many other juice bars are grab-and-go, Liquiteria offers a fun, comfortable atmosphere where you can spend your lunch break. Of course, they have plenty of quick options as well.

• Twenty juices are available at this New York City-based juice bar.

• Everything is cold-pressed, which maintains all live enzymes and raw nutrients.

• Greens with Carrot is one of the most popular juices here; it contains romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, and carrot.

• More than 25 fruits and vegetables are used in these original juice combinations including coconut sugar, raw cacao, beets, and pear.

• The basic cleanse is $147 for three days.

• Daniel Craig is a frequent visitor to Liquiteria, as are several health-hungry models (so we hear)

Juice, Boston

Fresh-squeezed juices and smoothies are all-natural and made to order at this Boston shop. The juice bar also carries a selection of locally sourced vegan snacks, including gluten-free options.

• Sixteen juices are on the Boston juice bar’s menu, plus four juice "shots." No fancy names, though!

• All juices are completely natural, freshly made to order, and have no additives.

• The "straight up" juices, in flavors like apple, carrot, and pear, are all so popular they have their own section on the menu.

• Only 14 fresh fruits and vegetables go into the juice bar’s menu.

• A three-day cleanse is $120 for the standard package.

Juice, Nashville

Juice is a family-owned mobile juice bar. They are actually the only cold-pressed juicer in Tennessee. The handcrafted juices are raw and nutritious for Nashville citizens, and visitors.

• Eleven juices are offered on the truck.

• Everything is cold-pressed, raw, and unpasteurized.

• More than 25 fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices are used in the juice company’s juices. Some stand-out ingredients include green apple, lime, and honey.

• "Oh Yeah" is the master detox drink. It is packed with kale, collard greens, lemon, and apple.

• A three-day cleanse is $112 (and it comes with a really cute tote bag).

Kure Juice, Portland, Ore.

Kure Juice Bar is about making you feel the best you possibly can. Cleanses are tailored either for those new to juices or experienced juicers, depending on which one you choose. The live, raw, juices have fun names and they even have shots, smoothies, and food to go.

•Ten juices are served  on the menu here. 

• All juices are organic and fresh-squeezed. 

• How could you go to a Portland juicer and not order the juice called "Portland Farmacy?" This juice has cucumber, celery, spinach, kale, parsley, romaine, lime, apple, and cayenne.

• About 10 different fruits and vegetables go into the signature juices.

• A three-day juice cleanse from Kure is $104, for five juices a day.